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Hyderabad Trussing Rentals | Stage & Light Trussing rentals in Hyderabad. We have the innovative selections of trussings available for all #events. Truss and trussings are box truss, exhibition truss, tower truss, stage truss, lighting truss, arch truss, entrance truss, DJ truss. Largest truss rental company in Hyderabad. 


Alluminium Trussing


40' x 80' Box Truss


Tower Truss Rentals

Round Trussings


Lighting Truss

Stage Backdrop Truss


Arch Trussings

Golpost  Trussings


Entrance Trussings etc.,

The truss are built to the highest quality for safety and performance. It's strong and yet lightweight trussing allows for the perfect solution for all #Events, DJ's, bands, shows, concerts, night clubs and productions. Our truss systems can be connected to make different sizes and shapes. We are largest trussing rentals in Hyderabad for all kind of events. We provide truss rentals and renting services for a variety of events in Hyderabad including Weddings, Corporate parties, College fests and Award functions Etc.,